About nicola

N. A. (Nicola) Rossi has lived in London most of her life, moving there from the seaside town of Southport in the early ‘80s.

After university she flirted briefly with journalism, and then began a 30-year career in communications management, eventually running international teams for big technology companies.

In 2017 she was awarded an MA in Digital Media from Goldsmiths University. That was when the trouble began. She started to write about surveillance, data ownership, consent and the potential for people to be manipulated without their knowledge.

Her debut novel, Rockstar Ending, the first in a new series, started life as a short story, ‘One Last Gift’  which won a dystopian fiction award from the Orwell Society.

The judges described it as ‘highly original, macabre and very funny’. It was published in the Journal of Orwell Studies.

Nicola is a regular blogger on technology, society and the arts.

She has lectured in universities on leadership, PR, ethics and corporate social responsibility and consults on communications management. She has appeared on BBC Radio 4 Today, BBC local radio, and written for a wide range of media outlets including The Independent, Time Out, Louder Than War and Influence.

Her home is in South East London, where she lives with her husband and two adult children.