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Freedom fighter Lexi is traumatized by the horrors she has experienced at the hands of the sinister Corporation.  Yet she remains hell-bent on halting the Endings, an insidious, AI-powered killing spree aimed at the over-70s.

With troubled youth and people with disabilities next in line for extinction, Lexi and her activist friends turn up the heat. But the powerful have too much to lose. When the resistance unleashes daring new tactics to derail the genocide, they find themselves in greater danger than they ever thought possible. 

Rockaway is the third book in the chillingly plausible Rockstar Ending series, steeped in the social and political dilemmas that dominate the 2020s. The novels blend glimmers of dark humor with acutely observed cultural references and include a playlist of the songs that run through the story.

If you enjoy dystopian fiction such as Black Mirror, The Handmaid’s Tale, or Nineteen Eighty-Four the Rockstar Ending series is for you.

This is speculative fiction at its very best, thrilling and fearless – David Walton
Highly original, macabre and very funny – Richard Blair
All all-too persuasive vision of the future – The Idler

Available widely in ebook and paperback from 8th January 2022. 

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