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Rockstar Ending

London. 2027. An ordinary woman discovers she is capable of extraordinary things. When Lexi finds out people are being coerced into genocide by stealth, she vows to take on the sinister corporation behind the ultimate Rockstar Ending. 

This first novel in a terrifyingly plausible dystopian series will get you thinking about the social and political issues that will dominate the coming decade. 

Highly original, macabre and very funny – The Orwell Society 

If her predictions come true, we’re all in deep trouble – Christopher Fowler

If you like Black Mirror, The Handmaid’s Tale or the Nineteen Eighty-Four, then you’ll love this book.

For those about to rock

This 25,000 word novella is available free to readers who register here.

The prequel to Rockstar Ending, it traces the five years leading up to the launch of the world’s most seductive suicide campaign.

You’ll meet some of the characters involved in making Britain a world leader in active euthanasia, as the power brokers formulate a secret programme – to be delivered by robots and artificial intelligence – with a bank oiling the wheels.

For Those About to Rock will lead you right up to the point where Rockstar Ending begins.


The second book in the Rockstar Ending series.

They came to kill her best friend’s elderly mother.  Now Lexi can’t rest until she has exposed the sinister corporation behind the hidden genocide.

She’s tried the politicians. The media don’t care.

When she hits on a way to grab the headlines, she’s in serious danger.

If they find out what she has done, Lexi and her soulmate Bob will lose everything.

one last gift

One Last Gift One Last Gift is Nicola’s award-winning short story, which prompted her to start work on the Rockstar Ending series. It came runner up in the Orwell Society Student Fiction competition in 2017, described by the judges as: ‘highly original, macabre, and very funny.’ 

It was published in the Orwell Studies Journal, Volume 3, Number 1, 2018.