First time in the window!

N A Rossi at Crofton Books
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What does success look like for you? I hit another milestone this week when a local bookshop decided to put my debut novel in their window.

Crofton Books, five minutes walk from where I live in South East London, is a neighbourhood success story. From running an expertly-curated second hand shop in an area of our community library, they have just moved onto a high street location. It’s easy to ‘click and collect’ their new and secondhand books until the shops are allowed to reopen fully later this year.

Although most of my sales are through Amazon, I work with another wholesaler (Ingram Lighting Source) so that all sizes of stores can source my books without having to engage with their nemesis. Some people also buy signed copies direct.

Success for me in my new career as an author is made up of many elements. Getting words onto the page in the right order is only the beginning.

Seeing your book, for the first time, in pride of place in a shop window is certainly a moment to celebrate.

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