A bar chart showing 70 per cent of amazon reviews for Rockstar Ending at five stars with the text of a new review
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I NEVER DREAMED THIS WOULD HAPPEN when I donated a couple of my books to a raffle a year ago! 

I was simply trying to help raise money for my local Brockley Max arts festival. 

But this customer feedback knocked me out.

I found out he loved my book thanks to the magic of Amazon reviews. These are permitted if you are a ‘verified’ purchaser, regardless of whether or not the book came via them.

The mere idea of reading dystopian fiction turns many people off.

Isn’t the world depressing enough already? This reluctant reader was no exception.

But then, one day, his TBR pile ran out, and he reached for Rockstar Ending.

When he’d finished the book, he said this alongside his five star review:

‘Well, hooked from page one is an understatement!!…I was swept up with the perfect character development, the frightening consequences of Al in the wrong hands and not least, the Bowie references (my main man).’

When he quoted the lines from David Bowie’s ‘Five Years’ to title his review, I really, really knew he’d got it.

The full review is in the graphic. You can also see that Rockstar Ending is averaging 4.4 stars out of five on the Amazon scale.

I’m hoping that this year’s raffle prize winner likes the books just as much.

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