FREE@LAST TV options ‘ROCKSTAR ENDING’ for TV series

Graphic for TV option
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I am ecstatic to announce that Free@Last TV, the production company behind ‘Agatha Raisin’, has optioned my ‘Rockstar Ending’ novels for a television series.

It has been my dream to see the Rockstar Ending series come to life on screen from the very beginning. 

And there is nobody I would trust more than the innovative, tenacious and bold team at Free@Last TV to turn my books into ground-breaking television.

Have a look at these cracking quotes from our joint press release, and you will see why this is going to be a fantastic partnership.

Barry Ryan, of Free@Last TV, said: Nicola has created a beautifully stark and brilliantly entertaining juxtaposition of the ‘what ifs’ about science, choices, euthanasia and eugenics and raises hugely important questions about who we are and where we are going’.

David Walton, of Free@Last TV said: ‘It’s a rollercoaster of a novel with a fabulous playlist soundtrack and a new dawn heroine. This is speculative fiction at its very best; thrilling and fearless. We can’t wait to bring this fantastic set of novels to life’.  


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