Rockaway and nal polish in matching reds and blues
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I’ve subliminally programmed myself to buy nail polish in colours that match the Rockaway book cover. I didn’t realise until they arrived.

This reminded me of a cool corporate gift we had when I worked at Vodafone.

Our industry analyst conference a highlight of the influencer programme. Each guest would be given a modest goody bag. It contained nothing lavish – generally something cheap and practical that could be imprinted with the company brand. A water bottle or a pen, maybe.

That modest offering was nothing like the BAFTA goody bag I was once given, which contained a luxurious Frank Usher satin shawl and a gold-nibbed Parker pen.

One year, the Vodafone consumer business had commissioned a nail polish in the exact Pantone red used for the company branding. Reference number 485 for the design geeks among you. I just had to have one!

And when it came to the analyst goody bags, it was a no brainer to put them in.

The idea went down a storm. Some guests could not wait to adorn their own nails with it, and others were planning to pass their gift on to family or friends.

Promotional merchandise is something I love to play with in my books. It has been great fun to invent branded confectionery and cocktails, along with the more traditional territory of badges and T-shirts.

And as for Bob, the IT geek’s merchandise sideline? Well, you’ll have to check out the books to find out.

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