Homespun Wisdom podcast interview

Homespun wisdom podcast
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It was great fun to record my first author audio interview with friendly local podcasters Sarah Sharman and Daniel Confino a few weeks ago.

Homespun Wisdom: Talks with my Neighbour began life as a lockdown project between neighbours and has blossomed into a library of lovely listening.

They cover all manner of topics from the trivial to the macabre, which is just as well given the things we talked about.

I was intrigued to hear about Sarah’s comprehensive death planning, despite her young age, and to discover some common ground with Daniel who – like me – had been impressed with David Bowie’s use of the word ‘tricoteuse’.

A big thank you to Sarah and Daniel for making me feel so welcome, and for their enthusiastic response to my Rockstar Ending books.

You can find the interview on  popular podcasting platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Google  and more.

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