Could Margaret Atwood feel like me?

Image of N A Rossi on video call
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I thought someone had stolen one of my fictional ideas! 

But then I realised I was reading a news story about facial scanning being used in 27 UK schools to take payments for lunch.

This must be how Margaret Atwood feels.

What do you think about children being obliged to have their faces scanned at school?

Good because it saves them having to carry cash? Saves staff having to keep a tally of what they’ve paid? It’s frictionless, right?

If the schools are keeping the data private, what could possibly go wrong? Well, that depends what else the school is tempted to use the data for.

Can you imagine what else they might do with it?

It’s something I’ve thought about.

The unintended consequences of school surveillance is a big theme in the introductory prequel to my Rockstar Ending series, ‘For Those About to Rock‘.

With emotional tracking and AI computing being applied to facial recognition databases, some of the possibilities are chilling.

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