Yuyoi Kusama collaboration

Giant statue of Kusama, a woman wearing a long white spotted dress and red wig, painitng spots on the outside of Harrods department store.
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What a joyful evening visiting the Kusama / Louis Vuitton collaboration at London’s Harrods with my astute daughter, whose lightning reflexes secured our timed tickets.

I could never justify a £5,000 handbag or a £400,000 drinks cabinet (unstocked).

However, we did get four light-as-a-feather pastries to take home.

I’m no bling or label diva. However, some of the quirky clothes, bags and fragrances on sale were beautifully designed. If only to look at, touch and smell during our brief visit.

We adored the robot artist in the window, and the immersive take on Kusama’s signature infinity rooms. The giant figure painting big spots on the store was a mammoth playful hit as far as we were concerned.

All of this uplifting art comes from a 93-year-old woman who has struggled with her mental health since adolescence, yet brought joy to millions of people with her unforgettable work.

Photos © Nicola Rossi

Inside a Kusama style infinity room wiht mirrored walls, balls and primary coloured smpots everywhere

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