N A Rossi on Southport beach aged 18
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A few weeks ago I was amazed to hear from my school English teacher, who I had not seen since I was eighteen, and often found wearing this camouflage boiler suit.

Her email came out of the blue via the public contact form on my author website.

It was such a thrill to discover that she had read and enjoyed Rockstar Ending, and had taken the trouble to let me know. Without her – and the other inspiring teachers in my state grammar school – my life would have turned out very differently.

Moving away to study at UCL gave me a massive boost and led to a career I would have never been able to follow otherwise.

It’s always wonderful to hear how readers feel about your books.

In this case it was even more special because Sue (I still can’t quite bring myself to call her that), gave me a love of literature that has stayed with me forever.

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