A wild visit to Phillip Carter’s weird world

Woman with short blond hair in green leather jacket holding a book next to a lego figure of a man in a pink suit with red hair and a beard, holding a microphone
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Phillip Carter is a comedian who writes dark existentialist science fiction. He lives and works close to where I grew up in the North of England.

When he asked me to be a guest on his talk show, I thought we might have a few things in common.

We had an entertaining and thoughtful conversation which included:

  • Which of us had worn Bowie ‘lightning bolt’ make-up
  • Where the idea for Rockstar Ending came from
  • The research I did while the story was taking shape
  • Using humour sensitively around serious subjects
  • How the TV adaptation of the books is progressing, and
  • A wildcard question which totally floored me….

I should have guessed that an existentialist comedian would come up with an oblique angle.

You can hear our 25-minute interview for free here on lots of different podcast platforms. 

And do sign up to Phillip’s Substack for more nuggets of off-the-wall scifi inspired material. 

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