laptop, headphones and rockstar ending books
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Appearing on numerous BBC radio stations over the past month seemed the most pandemic-friendly way to get the word out about the launch of Rockaway, the second book in my dystopian Rockstar Ending series.

The interviews were all done either over the phone or via computer. I set up my laptop on a highly sophisticated old cardboard box, for the most flattering camera angle, and arranged my books and some cover artwork in the background. 

I would have loved to have thrown a party like I did for the launch of Rockstar Ending two years ago. What a fun evening that was. But organizing an event right now felt too risky.

Thankfully, half a dozen radio stations from all over England were interested in booking a slot – Bristol, West Midlands, Berkshire, Jersey, Leeds and Merseyside.

Each interview teased out a different facet of my backstory.

You can listen to two of my favourite ten minute chats on the links below. 

How someone from the seaside town of Southport came to become an award-winning dystopian author.

The real life context to the books, and the intriguing question of what makes someone become a whistleblower.

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