Reviews: Do you believe them?

Review of Rockstar Ending
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On a recent journey I was reminded how I had lost all faith in Trip Advisor.

It used to be my favourite source for recommended restaurants, hotels and attractions. Now, though, it’s become tedious wading through piles of effusive reviews, all remarkably similar, just to find an evaluation I trust.

As a result I have taken the decision not to contribute any more reviews there myself.

In my new career as another kind of writer, I receive requests from book promoters operating in pay-for-play review models most weeks. I just hit the ‘block’ button.

No thank you.

I’d rather wait for genuine readers to post honest reviews than cheat to bulk up the numbers.

This recent Amazon ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rockstar Ending review was well worth waiting for:

‘Hard to forget’

‘Be scared, be very scared’


‘Enter the immersive and wholly convincing world of this truly important book.’


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