Rockaway cover
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The third book in my dystopian the Rockstar Ending series, Rockaway is published at last!

Huge thanks are due to the friends who have kept me going with non-stop support, and of course by buying my books.

Sporting a fabulous cover from one of my favourite artists, Tim Doyle, this novel has been more than a year in the making. 

Freedom fighter Lexi is traumatized by the horrors she has experienced at the hands of the sinister Corporation. Yet she remains hell-bent on halting the Endings, an insidious, AI-powered killing spree aimed at the over-70s.

With troubled youth and people with disabilities next in line for extinction, Lexi and her activist friends turn up the heat. But the powerful have too much to lose. When the resistance unleashes daring new tactics to derail the genocide, they find themselves in greater danger than they ever thought possible.

Rockaway is available in ebook and paperback format all over the world, including from independent bookstores. Easy links to some of the biggies on the buttons below.

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