Rockstar Ending cover art limited edition

Book cover art
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I have had some brilliant news from Tim Doyle, who designed the cover illustration for Rockstar Ending.

Tim has produced a limited edition screenprint featuring the haunting face which symbolises the deception that lies at the heart of my story. A small number of prints is being shipped to me in London right now from the printmaking studio in Austin, Texas.

A reviewer recently described the figure as a ‘fembot’.  In the story, I have tried not to attribute human characteristics to the AI that the drawing represents. However, one of my characters is seduced by its charms and fantasizes that the kindly voice might belong to someone who looks like one of his favourite actresses.

The artist has produced works for clients such as Marvel, Dark Horse, Cartoon Network, Studio Canal, and art directs poster series for bands such as Metallica, Failure, and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

So I’m in excellent company.

The 18 x 24″ 8-colour hand-printed silk-screened art print, uses both metallic gold and silver ink, and is hand signed and numbered in a limited first edition of just 150 copies worldwide. It’s beautiful and you can buy it here.

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