The three books from the Rockstar Ending series garnished for Xmas
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It is almost three years since I took my first tentative steps to becoming a published author of near-future fiction.

I’m still learning a lot.

Having had the series optioned for television has been one of my biggest achievements.

Especially so because I had to launch two of the novels during the pandemic. That severely limited the scope for parties and other IRL promotions.

That said, more people than I ever expected have bought at least one of the books and kindly recommended them to others.

As it’s the time of year when you might be making a list, and checking it twice, I’m posting a reminder of where you can get hold of the entire series.

They’re a thought-provoking alternative to the celebrity biographies that flood the shops at this time of year.

I offer signed copies direct, and for the festive period there will be free standard shipping on UK orders of 3 or more. Just contact me for details at

They are also available to order from most bookstores, all over the world, on the high street and online. Including, of course, the biggest online bookshop of them all, here.


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