The thrill of unboxing

N A Rossi unboxing Rock On
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Even though I have been a published author for almost 18 months now, opening that box of paperbacks with my name on the cover is still a big thrill. 

As I explain in this short unboxing video, I’ve had to restock because I’m promoting my series at a local arts festival in a couple of weeks. 

I’ll be volunteering for the first time at The Brockley Max  which takes place where I live in South East London. 

Because of COVID, this year’s festival has a different format, blending some carefully managed live sessions with an online programme. 

The opening night, which usually takes place in packed, closed-off streets, has had to move online. If you fancy listening to some free live music from acoustic to Americana, rap, soul and jazz-funk you can join us for free by clicking here

Some other IRL events are still going ahead, and I’m pleased to be playing a small role in helping the organisers make them a success.

I could not resist signing up to help at a musical performance in the café in my local park that inspired a pivotal scene in Rockstar Ending. It will also be fun to steward at the craft fair taking place in the grounds of a church that is always keen to open its doors for community events. 

Most exciting of all (well, for me at least) I’ve been asked to appear on the festival radio station and talk about the Rockstar Ending series. They are setting up the broadcasting studio in the garden of a local pub, which will make it even more fun. 

I’ve also donated some prizes in the raffle that helps to fund the Brockley Max. And I’ll  be reviewing some of the festival events over on my blog, here. 

Through the contacts I have made as a volunteer, I’ve been given a space in a local community online store where all kinds of traders – from food to fiction – promote their products, and deliver free in our immediate vicinity. 

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