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The summer break is always a great time for me to catch up on some reading. In fact, my kindle is groaning under the weight of new books waiting to be unlocked.

Some of them are by authors I have come to think of as old friends. Others I am trying for the first time, having seen their work recommended on social media or heard about them from avid readers.

Looking at everyone else’s books reminded me that I had left up the launch banner for Rockaway, the third book in my series, way too long. 

So I’ve spent a bit of time changing things around and looking for a new strapline.

The one I have chosen – ‘it’s never too late’ – reflects the sheer determination of my unconventional heroine, Lexi, to succeed against the odds when most people would have given up.

It’s also become a bit of a motto for me, in finally getting to pursue a new career.

And if you haven’t yet discovered the thought-provoking Rockstar Ending series, maybe you’d like to consider adding it to your list of beach reads? 

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