Do you want to go to the moon?

N A Rossi being interviewed by Nathan Price
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How do you see the future of the human race?

I had to give that question some serious thought When Nathan Price (aka @GadgetNate) asked to interview me as part of his mega-ambitious Countdown to the Moon project. I was kindly introduced to Nathan by fellow dystopian author J. M. Tompkins.

Nathan has already interviewed more than a thousand people, from all walks of life.

He begins by asking what they think about NASA’s plans to put the first woman and next man on the moon in 2024. An adept and warm interviewer, who naturally puts his subjects at their ease, he has one or two other thought-provoking questions up his sleeve.

In just 25 minutes by Zoom we covered a lot of ground.

I was lucky enough to visit Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in Florida when I was thirteen. And as I explained to Nate, I have never forgotten how the room shook as those memorable words, “We have lift off!” were drowned out by the simulated sound of rocket thrusters.

It was the best visitor centre (UK spelling creeping back in there) experience of my entire life.

Drunk on endorphins, I boldly announced on the feedback questionnaire that I would be coming back for astronaut training when I grew up. You can see me cringe a little when telling this anecdote, and more, on the link.

And finally, if you’d be interested to be part of this historic project, you can ask to be included here. 

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