Dillie Keane
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To celebrate her 68th birthday, satirical singer Dillie Keane wrote this ‘Song for Dominic Cummings’, the controversial adviser to Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, who has been much criticised this week for breaking the COVID lockdown rules.

Her performance struck a chord with me. She deftly links anti-boomer sentiment with the problematic attitudes to old people that have emerged during the COVID crisis. How society views ageing, and the impetus to bring people together rather than allow ourselves to become divided, are questions that lie at the heart of Rockstar Ending

The song only lasts three minutes, but I hope it will make you smile. As Dillie says: 

Bid fond fairwell to your grandpa….
He’s fast turning into a drain on the state
The cost of his pension and meds is too great 
A clearout of boomers is due – better still
He might leave his money to you!

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