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The new Rockstar Ending series book, ROCK ON is now available everywhere in ebook and paperback, including all Amazon stores.  You’ll find all the links you could possibly need below, after the blurb:

They came to kill her best friend’s elderly mother. Now Lexi can’t rest until she has exposed the sinister corporation behind the hidden genocide. She’s tried the politicians. The media don’t care. When she hits on a way to grab the headlines, she’s in serious danger. If they find out what she has done, Lexi and her soulmate Bob will lose everything.

The ruling party, Yuthentic, is using all possible means to siphon wealth away from old people. While five survivors of the world’s most persuasive assisted suicide campaign fight for their freedom, the death machine that came for them in Rockstar Ending is unstoppable. Thousands more elders are taken and terrifying plans are afoot to widen the net. How can a handful of amateur activists halt the killing?

Rock On is the second book in the chillingly plausible dystopian Rockstar Ending series, steeped in the social and political dilemmas that dominate the 2020s. The novels blend glimmers of dark humour with acutely observed cultural references and include a playlist of the songs that run through the story.

If you are a fan of speculative fiction such as Nineteen Eighty-FourThe Handmaid’s Tale and Black Mirror you’ll love this book.

Early reviews have been great: 

‘Despite the subject-matter, this book is actually very funny. Several passages made me laugh out loud.’

‘ROCK ON is so plausible – and so topical – that I found it a really compelling read.’

‘The world of chatbots and targeted playlists is very convincingly evoked, and the corporate language (‘scope creep’) is a joy.’

I hope you love the book. It was certainly fun to write. Let me know what you think… and please feel free to forward this post to any of your friends who might like to get to know our extraordinary bunch of ordinary heroes. 

Keep on rocking! 




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