Rock-On-cover on white large web canvass
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Countdown to publication has begun! I’m thrilled to show you the cover of my latest novel, Rock On, which will be out on  27th November 2020.

Once again, I have been privileged to work with the remarkable illustrator and printmaker Tim Doyle who has come up with more mind-blowing art.

Being able to control all aspects of my books – especially the cover – is one of the main reasons I turned down a conventional deal and chose to self-publish. 

The figure on the cover of Rockstar Ending, the previous book in the eponymous series, was a sinister robot hiding behind a seductive human mask. In Rock On, the chilling symbolism is reversed, as the resistance begins to fight back.

And yes, one of the characters is still crazy about David Bowie.

Could you tell?

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