Sarah Sharman, N A Rossi and Daniel Confino

I made the grown-ups cry

My final author engagement of 2022 was an interview with the ‘Look Mum, No Hands!’ podcast. I didn’t intend to make Sarah Sharman and Daniel

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Earth viewed from Space

Bowie, Marc and me

‘David Bowie showed me there was a world outside Southport… ‘  An interview I came across this weekend transported me back to my teenage years.

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N A Rossi on Southport beach aged 18

Lifelong lessons

A few weeks ago I was amazed to hear from my school English teacher, who I had not seen since I was eighteen, and often

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Remembering George Orwell

January 2020 marks seventy years since George Orwell – whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair – died. I took this picture last summer, at

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Goldsmith University

Graduation Day

Over a year on from that first blog about my forthcoming six-month sabbatical, it all glided to a graceful conclusion earlier this week with a

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My Uncle, the Executioner

Sixty years ago, Albert Pierrepoint was smuggled into Germany to hang war criminals. Later, he executed Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged in Britain. He

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